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  • Are there any returns or refunds?
    For all products, step-by-step tutorials, paintings for sale, art kits or supplies there are NO refunds or returns For paint parties, there are NO refunds, however, you are able to pick another day to come to a party and the fee will be waived.
  • What are the shipping rates?
    For physical products(art kits, paintings, supplies etc) anything under $50 will be charged $8.99 for shipping. Orders over $50, shipping is FREE.
  • How long does shipping take?
    For physical products (art kits, paintings, supplies, etc) there is a 2-3 day processing time frame then for shipping it can take 7-10 business days. This can change due to weather changes.
  • Do you ship outside the USA?
    At this time we are NOT shipping outside the US. Sorry for that inconvenience.
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    We use acrylic paint for all products. It is permanent on your clothes, so wear an apron or clothes you don't mind getting paint on. I use different kinds of brands, whatever paint you have at home would work. Here are the brands that I use (optional) Craft paint: -Crafters Collection (Hobby Lobby's brand) ($.49 each) really economical -DecoArt Americana (you can get this at all craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joanns) -Folk Art (you can get this at all craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joanns) (this is the most expensive for craft paint. At Hobby Lobby its $1.17 a bottle. I try to use similar colors, so when you buy the paint for the first time, it should last you awhile. So you dont have to keep buying new paint every time you create something new. When we do more landscape paintings, I do use Master's Touch fine art paint occasionally. With that type of paint, a small amount is enough. Let me know if you any questions on kinds of paint being used!
  • What size canvases do you use?
    For Step-by-Step tutorials, Art Kits and Paintings: I use 11x14 inch canvases, which I get from the Michaels app! Dont buy them in the store, they are more expensive. When you buy those in the Michaels appt, you get 4 7packs for $43 ish. I buy the 16x20inch ones, there are 5 in a pack but you 4 packs again for about $45ish.
  • What kind of brushes do you use?
    I use all kinds of brushes, I get most of them from Amazon. I have also gotten some fine art brushes at Hobby Lobby. I do like the Royal & Langnickel brushes, especially the ones that a grip. The brush size I usually use is a 3/4 flat brush (sometimes a 1inch) and I use a small to medium round brush #4 or #6 and then sometimes a detail or liner brush #0 or #00/ Make sure when you are done with your brushes you wash them with warm water and soap.
  • Wood Supplies
    I will use different kinds of wood for my DIY projects. If I am doing a porch learner, I get a 4ft wood from Home Depot. If you want a 6ft or more, you have to ask for that to be cut. When I am doing door hangers, character signs, etc, I use Diverse Woodworking. They have a wholesale option or retail. There is a $100 minimum, but they are really great quality wood. They also sell paint brushes/
  • Stencil Supplies
    I have gotten stencils off of Amazon and its a hit or miss if they are good or if the rip. I use Essential Stencil, they have great quality stencils that last a long time. If you go to and use the discount code: IMAGINARYREBELS you can get a 10% off discount.
  • How much are paint parties and what does that include?
    When I have paint parties at local venues in my area, the cost is $35. This includes either a 11x14inch or 16x20inch (most times) canvas, paint, brushes, raffle prizes and sometimes social media contests. *We do give you an apron, but I really ENCOURAGE you to have a short sleeved shirt on or wear clothes that you dont mind getting paint on. This paint is non-toxic, but is permanent!
  • What about your private parties, what do they cost?
    Private Parties range in cost depending on how far I have to drive. The cost also depends on if you want to paint on a canvas or do a wood piece. Here is the breakdown: -Private Parties that are local within 10-15 miles of Central Oregon(Bend or Redmond), that want either 11x14in or 16x20in canvas are $35/ per person. You must have a minimum of 8 people attending. There not refunds. -Private Parties that are outside of the 10-15 miles range of Central Oregon(La Pine, Madras or Sisters), that want either 11x14in or 16x20in canvas are $45/ per person. You must have a minimum of 10 people attending. There not refunds. This prize goes up because of gas prices. -There is a $100 deposit that is due at least 1-2 weeks from the party date. That deposit will lock in the day on my calendar. -If you are wanting a wood piece, those prices change depending on what it is and how heavy it is. Wood prices right now are slightly high. -If you need to cancel the party, please try to do that at least 3-5 days before that date. The $100 deposit is non-refundable, however, you can reschedule the party to a different day and time. If you do that, then you do not need to pay another deposit of $100. -For both paint parties and private paint parties, I need access to water and good lighting. -You must be able to set up your own tables for the amount of guests that attend. I do use my own tablecloths so there wont be any paint on the tables. -I will come 1 1/2-2 hours to set up, so please keep that in mind when your setting up. -If you have any pets, please make sure they are away from the painting area.
  • How long do paint parties run?
    This will depend on what theme was chosen and what size the painting will be. The typical time is 2-2 1/2 hours. If we are doing a more in depth painting, such as a Highlander Cow, this will take 3 hours because of all the layering of the hair.
  • Do you do kids parties?
    I have done kids parties in the past, at this time, I do not have a venue to have those parties. It would have to be a private party at your location.
  • Do you do fundraisers or school events?
    I have done school events, those are a little different take time to plan. I require a contract with these kinds of event. Please email me for more information at
  • Will I get anything in the mail for the Digital Step-by-Step tutorials?
    No, all digital products such as tutorials will be automatically sent in an email to you right after purchase. So there will be nothing mailed to you! *If you purchase a art that matches the online tutorials, then yes the Art Kit will be mailed to you.
  • What comes in an art kit?
    The Art Kits have either a 8x10, 9x12 or 11x14 inch size canvases with the image traced on. You get all the paint you need, brushes, pallet, step-by-step printed instructions and a reference photo.
  • What do you need to use an Art Kit?
    You will an apron and clothes you dont mind getting paint on. You will need a cup of water to rinse of out your brushes, paper towel or rag.
  • How soon will I get my Art Kit in the mail?
    Right now, there is a 2-3 day processing and when it gets shipped, it can usually take 7-10 business days depending on where you live in the USA. (Currently, we are not shipping outside the USA) These days can change depending on weather.
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